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Virtual Technician 7

Because errors are annoying and Virtual Technician kills the annoyance in no time.

Because errors are annoying and Virtual Technician kills the annoyance in no time.

Virtual Technician contains 24 utilities that are used to work for optimization problems, cleaning problems and security optimization problems.

For enhanced PC speed and performance and to efficiently fix typical issues on your PC, Virtual Technician is the maintenance solution that you can trust!

Get advanced performance optimization features, helping you achieve lightning-fast application load times, work faster and make applications run faster.

The components provide you round the clock PC optimizing facilities in the form of

1 Tools to speed up your Pc in a jiffy.

2 Simple fixes to annoying common PC errors.

3 Process will run better and with much less crash incidents and system errors

Online Support:

If you can't find an answer within the manual or knowledge base, please submit a ticket with your query in order to get online assistance.

Premium Support:

Premium support is available to active users of Virtual Technician anytime 24x7. We strive to ensure that our users get best value in service therefore promotion of unnecessary service plans is not practiced.

*User-friendly dashboard: Allow even the beginners to easily install and use the tools of this suite

*Registry cleaning facilities: Unless your PC's registry is clean, it won't perform the best for you; scan using this tool and notice the difference instantly

*One click access to resolve PC errors: Because errors are annoying and we kill the annoyance in no time

*Internet optimization facility: Without this tool your PC wouldn't be 100% optimized? Will it be?

*Compatibility with Windows 8.1

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